Finding Housing When You’re in Recovery

Finding Housing When You’re in Recovery

Those in addiction recovery face the same basic needs as everyone else, including finding a place to live. In many cases, this is easier said than done. Going through rehab can put a drain on even the biggest bank account. That’s not to mention the effect certain lifestyle choices can have on a person’s credit rating. Still, you need a roof over your head. So let’s look at ways to find suitable shelter when you’re on the road to long-term sobriety.


According to US News, there are many cities where living costs are downright reasonable. Scope these places out and you may find your personal shangri-la, even if you’re on a soup kitchen budget.

Buddy Up

Getting a roommate is the time-honored way of slashing expenses. The trick is finding a roomie who will hold up her end of the bargain. Here are some tips for weeding out the bad apples:

  • Do a meet and greet first. If the person fails to show, or if she reminds you of a character from a horror movie, then think twice before handing her the keys.
  • Put things in writing. Verbal contracts were fine back in the 1800s. Nowadays it pays to get everything on paper and ask the potential partner to sign her name on the dotted line. This is must-do if you want to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings down the road.
  • Peruse their social media accounts. Yeah, we know; privacy issues and all that. Do some snooping anyway. It’s amazing how much people will reveal to the world on Facebook. According to the New York Post, you can learn about their personality type, criminal record, and other pertinent qualities.

Go Small in a Big Way

Ever heard of the tiny house movement? Thousands of Americans are finding contentment in a home no bigger than a closet. Don’t believe us? Take a gander at a few of these cute little homes before you make a judgment call. When you do, remember: many of them are available to rent at reasonable fees.


“Transitional housing” is a familiar term to most people who are in recovery. It’s a feasible option for many who are putting their lives back together after a period of addiction. This is a complex topic that takes serious research and some deep thought. We mention it because it belongs on your options list along with the other ideas discussed in this post.

Embrace Frugality

There’s an old saying: “watch your pennies and your dollars will take care of themselves.” It’s true. Most people have no idea where their money goes. It’s possible to live on a small income and still enjoy a reasonable quality of life. You just need to practice all those budgeting tips you learned in Home Ec class. Try it. You may find the results liberating.

Special Considerations

People struggling with substance abuse issues must consider factors others never give a second thought about. In this section we’ll offer tips for dealing with these matters.

  • Stay away from your old haunts. Familiar settings and people are the most potent triggers you can face. Get away from anyone and anything that may cause you to relapse, even if you need to make sacrifices for your sobriety.
  • Look at the big picture. You must consider employment opportunities, local services like laundromats and health clinics, and other factors besides cost.
  • Face reality. Riding the rails or retiring to the woods to hunt game are implausible options for all but a few superhumans. The rest of us must stay practical.
  • Keep your spirits up. You will find decent, affordable housing in time. Think of the quest as a crucial step towards achieving your other big goals. You’ll look back on this point in your life as a time when your perseverance overcame pitfalls and made you a better person.
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